Thursday, August 25, 2011

Studio Design

Now that the kitchen design is finished and in the process of being installed, we are ready to work on the layout of the architecture studio. This area will need to be flexible so it can be modified as the practice grows. This will be achieved with the use of modular furniture and a movable partition that can be reconfigured as the spatial needs of the practice evolve. Programmatic requirements for the design include a reception/lounge area, work stations, a conference room, and a workshop.

Floorplan with furniture layout

Through the use of 3D modeling, we are able to get an accurate view of how the spaces will be defined by the furniture layout.

Section view looking along south wall

Section view looking along north wall
The renderings help us determine if the layout, furniture design and color scheme work. In this case, the renderings helped us realize that we want to limit the red color scheme to the kitchen and not bring it in to the work area. The rendering also helped us fully realize how much a long line of wall cabinets will limit the studio's usable wall space, and we need open wall space to pin up conceptual designs and presentations for clients. We also would like to show artwork at various times, so we are going to eliminate the wall cabinets and just start out with base cabinets. We do, however, like the concept of a grey/black/white separation wall to screen the workshop. 

Now we begin the hard work of cutting and installing countertops and building desks and cabinetry. 

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